Blue Hour Eshaness

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Asians Cliffs at blue hour
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Sunset at the Eshaness Lighthouse

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Drongs, Hillswick Sunset
Dore Holm Wave
Sunset at the Eshaness Lighthouse
The cliffs and the light, Eshaness
Eshaness Cliffs at sunset
Blue Hour Eshaness Lighthouse
Long exposure star trail at Eshaness Lighthouse
Strength of the Hamnavoe Light, Burra Isle
Looking towards the Dore Holm, Stenness
Gillie Burn, Hillswick
Calders Geo, Eshaness, Shetland - Long Exposure
Calders Geo, Eshaness, Shetland
At the Grind O' Da Navir
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Eshaness Lighthouse After Sunset